There are many schooling options in Chatham County and convenient to chapel ridge that will keep parents happy about their decision to move to the area. Schools here span from pre-K through high school.

In addition, we aren’t far from some of the most popular colleges and universities in the nation, including Duke University in Durham and UNC-Chapel Hill. 

The National Center for Education Statistics lists the following stats for Chatham County:

  • 19 total public schools
  • nearly 9,000 students
  • 626 teachers

When you live at Chapel Ridge, your student will be zoned for these public schools:

  • Pittsboro Elementary School
  • Horton Middle School
  • Northwood High School

Schooling Options

In today’s world, in-person public school is but one option for getting your child the education you want them to have. Another option is to homeschool – North Carolina has a strong homeschooling community from which to pull resources and engage in meet-ups for socialization.

There are also many private schools in Chatham County including the new Thales Academy at Chatham Park. Chatham County is also home to the Jordan Lake School of the Arts. If you’re interested in Charter School, Woods Charter School would be yet another option, serving students Kindergarten thru Grade 12

Of the public schools throughout Chatham County, there are:

  • 10 elementary schools
  • 8 middle-grade schools
  • 4 high schools