Chatham County is an incredible place to live with impressive and interesting attractions available around the county. In fact, Pittsboro is home to The Woodwright’s School, founded by Roy Underhill of PBS’ long-running, uber-popular show The Woodwright’s Shop.

As you might guess from The Woodwright’s School’s presence, Chatham County is a hub for artists, sculptors, and makers. For example, you can check out some of the finest pottery at the Chatham Artists Guild.

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Oh My!

Now for a different kind of creativity. Chatham County features several award-winning wineries, distilleries, and craft breweries. Some of the highlights include:

In addition to the alcoholic drink makers, there are plenty of bars, craft beer shops, and restaurants that offer some of the best drinks in North Carolina.

Bed-and-Breakfast Trail

Chatham County is known for its Heart of North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Trail, an enjoyable pathway through some of the state’s best B&Bs. It’s paired with a wine trail that takes you through many of the wineries in the local area. To us, that sounds like the perfect getaway date when you’re ready to spend time with your spouse away from the kids.

Natural Attractions

North Carolina is a beautiful state, and Chatham County is no exception. The county features the expansive Jordan Lake, the popular Haw River, and hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails.

Over 1,000,000 tourists visit Jordan Lake annually, and that’s not to speak of the visitors to the county at large. Some of the fun outdoors activities on offer in Chatham County include:

  • boating
  • swimming
  • hiking
  • biking
  • nature observation posts
  • fishing
  • hunting (when allowable under state and federal law)

Downtown Life

When you live in Chapel Ridge, you’re only a few minutes away from downtown Pittsboro. There, you can experience some of the many wonders (and more to come!) of Chatham Park, including parks, shopping centers, high-rated restaurants, bars, and entertainment options like an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and an indoor cinema.

Of course, the pastoral and rural nature of a portion of Chatham County also has its appeal. There is a healthy, thriving agritourism business and many small farms you can visit.