One of the most ambitious visions in Chatham County is Chatham Park. It’s a planned development district that will eventually encompass over 7,000 acres (plus 1,000 more in an adjacent lot).

The district is under development, though some of its many features have already been completed. The goal of Chatham Park is to be an all-encompassing hub of life, commerce, fun, and innovation, and builders aim to be completed with the project in 2045.

Here’s our rundown of what you can expect from Chatham Park.

The Tech Side

Chatham Park is designed to be eco-conscious, with smart homes, clean energy initiatives, and nearly a third of the acreage designated as parks and open spaces. Homes and buildings that have been completed are all approved by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Mosaic, designed to be the gateway to the overarching Chatham Park community, is a mixed-use area that is open to various business ventures. Your office space could be the next on the list!

As of 2022, the plan is to include:

  • medical facilities
  • the first hotel in Pittsboro
  • an amphitheater
  • an indoor theater
  • retail stores
  • dining options
  • living spaces

The Fun Stuff

Chatham Park is more than a business area. It’s a park! There are numerous opportunities to frolic, play, and hang out with friends. You can experience the tranquility of nature on walking and bike paths, grab delicious food at some of the area’s hottest restaurants, go shopping, and see a movie.

Located near Jordan Lake and on the Haw River, there is plenty of space to swim, boat, or fish. And with over 30 miles of greenway, neighborhoods across Pittsboro connect to the central hub.

In a simple, concise phrase: Chatham Park is the heart of Pittsboro. Pittsboro is the heart of Chatham County. Chatham County, of course, is the “Heart of North Carolina.”

The State of Development

It’ll be a couple decades before the final brick is laid in Chatham Park, but that shouldn’t make you think it’s an empty wasteland. As of February 2022, the first residential areas are already open for homeowners (Mosaic and Vineyards at Chatham Park). The first retail area is operable as well (Penguin Place), and the first of many individual parks within C.P. is also open (Knight Park).

What are you waiting for? Move into your Chapel Ridge home, work and play in Chatham Park, and become a part of history!